Unmanned multirotor system

OGAR is a world class unmanned multirotor system designed and manufactured by Novelty RPAS company. The OGAR system is a tool which the highest demands of all users. The platform is constructed entirely of high tech carbon fiber composite materials using the process of vacuum forming. Making it extremely durable whilst maintaining a low weight and and the appropriate overall dimensions. The ultralight weight design, along with a modern electric drive system, ensures optimum performance. This, together with other system features such as simplicity of operation, durability, modularity, advanced security and a high degree of autonomy, put it at the forefront of the professional market.

Ogar A breed of hunting dog indigenous to Poland. They have a serene nature, are resilient and are characterized by a sturdy and assertive stature. Though they often part from their owners, they have perfect orientation abilities.

System features

ikony_kompozytowyHigh quality and durability
Fully composite construction

Modular and versatile

ikony_autonomiaMost operations carried out automatically
Operation of artificial intelligence algorithms

Flight time up to 38 minutes with parachute by battery or longer on an earth\air conduit (tethered)

Crash avoidance system and emergency CO2 actuated ballistic parachute

Weightload up to 2 kg
Maximum windproof ability up to 15 m/s

Centimetre accuracy and stability

ikony_zgrana_ekipaAvailable in a close-knit team
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The unmanned aerial system is equipped with a multi-rotor platform operated from below by four propellers for maximum performance, durability and silence whilst maintaining dimensions that allow for convenient transport: by hand, by vehicle, by boat and by air.

One of the key features of the system is its extraordinary ability to perform a variety of tasks. We have made it easy for our users, by customising a special quick connection the QRC – Quick Release Connector ™, allowing for an exchange of work modules by the user.

The advantage of multi-rotor platforms is the ability to vertically take off and land, so OGAR can carry out missions in difficult terrain conditions. Thanks to the system’s built-in redundant auto-pilot layout, additional sensors and a ground-based flight control station. The platform can thus perform tasks full automatically.

Ground Control Station with Novelty RPAS Flight Manager software enable, among others (depending on the software license version): plan of each flight, manual control, take-off and landing, flight parameters control (eg. speed, altitude, heading), telemetry display, mission progress tracking, modifying the route during the flight, workloads control (eg. position, zoom, generating survey grid with defining image coverage, ground sampling distance and row direction), elevation profile data, KML, DEM, geotiff, 3D model formats support for reference, defining virtual boundary limits (geofencing / no-fly zones), ADS-B receiver support, video recording, display the field of view on the map (camera footprint), multi-operators and multi-drone support, joystick control, click&go mode or virtual simulation of the mission.

By equipping the system with the optional modul GNSS RTK and laser height sensor drone can be auto-navigated with centimeter-level positioning accuracy and perform such functions as maintaining a constant relative height over hilly terrain

Offered interchangeable working modules:


A land scanner “that allows for relatively low resources to create precise maps, ortofotomap, spatial terrain models, take measurements, and perform high resolution aerial photography directly georeferenced


A module for the transfer of goods, medical objects (AirVein) and samples by air


A module designed for observation and inspection and radiometric temperature measurements by day and night


A module for creating maps of health plants by using a multi-spectral camera


A module designed for professional bird-watching video


moduł przeznaczony do wykrywania i pomiaru poziomu zanieczyszczeń powietrza


Name, equipment and use


  • Linia elektroenergetyczna 400 kV - Zabrze-Rokitnica
    Detection and prevention of possible breakages to electricity/telecommunication poles as well as ground/submarine pipelines.
  • Fragment mapy zniszczeń
    Surveillance of the environment aiding rescue services in land, water and mountainous regions.
  • GeoSkaner Albatrosem | Operacje UAV Novelty RPAS
    Precise terrain mapping for land surveying and spatial planning.
  • Obserwacja dronem | Drony dla firm | Novelty RPAS
    Security, tracking and monitoring people and property. Monitoring mass events and aerial support during pursuits.
  • Pilszcz Branice - Numeryczny Model Pokrycia Terenu
    Three dimensional terrain mapping, assistance in planning operations, determination of area and volume.
  • GeoSkaner Albatrosem | Operacje UAV Novelty RPAS
    Conducting quality analysis, development and plant health, records of plots.
  • Obserwacja dronem | Drony dla firm | Novelty RPAS
    Forest observation aimed at prevention and fire detection, response and detection of raw meterials theft and wild animal documentation.
  • Monitoring mienia dronem - Skierniewice | Novelty RPAS
    Accurate aerial imaging.